Making More Music

Making More Music 1.1

Draw music on the screen using Making More Music software
1.1 (See all)

The complete version of the Rhythm Band is available on the CD-ROM Making More Music.

Main Features:

- To draw music on the screen, click on the pencil, choose an instrument and draw on any of the 6 lines of the percussion score.
- To edit your music, click on the "selection" tool (the dashed square) to activate the "edit" mode.
- On the score, drag a rectangle around the area you want to edit. You may use the tools below the "selection" tool to duplicate, erase and reverse the selected area.
- To adjust the tempo of your music, select the turtle or rabbit to make it play slow or fast.
- To listen to your composition, click on the conductor. This will bring up a QuickTime player where you can play back your music

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